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Hand embroidery is a time-sensitive business and demands tremendous responsibility. We have to meet the season. Usually a prototype of a design obtained from abroad is sent to us in India for mass production. While providing quantity, we also have to be extremely particular about quality. Despite the nature of the industry, we have gone in for maximum computerisation of the production facilities, employing tailor made user-specific software.

receipt of orderReceipt of Order
Every single order received by us is logged into our computer systems. We use specially designed software to give us all marketing, finance, accounting and production-related processing and information in real time, which greatly expedites deliveries and ensures quality.

Sketching sketching
Before we can actually begin any hand embroidery there are numerous exacting steps to be followed. Here you can see a graphic artist of our artwork team carefully tracing out your design on tracing paper. This tracing paper serves as the blue print of the embroidery. In India we call this traced paper the "Khaka".

punchingPunching the Tracing Paper
In order to transform the traced image on to the actual fabric miniscule pin holes are made by hand over all the relevant outlines of the design. Here you can see one of the hand embroidery workers busy doing punching work.

Once the tracing paper is punched it is printed onto the fabric. Printing is the process by which the image of the tracing paper is superimposed upon the base fabric. A special solution is used to print. The solution seeps through the tiny holes created during the punching process and gives the hand embroidery workers a clear outline to work on.

hand embroideryHand Embroidery
Seated on the floor with paper designs before them, some skilled artisans meticulously follow the written instructions regarding the color scheme and items to be used to create a distinctive tapestry. While the others work on bigger fabrics stretched across two poles.They may come trained in various degrees and yet "they are forever training for there are always new designs, new skills and improved speed" on the basis of which they are judged. The design complete, the quality control department takes charge to make sure that there are no traces of printing solution (used when transferring designs from paper to cloth) or stains, all threads are cut neatly, the design matches the original, the finish of the neckline and sleeves is tidy.

Quality Controlquality control
Each and every piece of hand embroidery once complete is meticulously and painstakingly checked for errors and inadvertent lapses in order to achieve zero defect supplies. We do a comprehensive check that highlights 18 different areas to be examined. Finally our packing and dispatch team see to the perfect packaging and dispatch of your precious goods.


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